Here's some of the songs I've composed. If you are searching for custom songs, contact me for a quote.

  1. Forest

    - A gentle and soothing track, composed for the mobile game Sushi Quest.
  2. Beach

    - A track for a tropical beach area, for the Sushi Quest game.
  3. Sushi Go-Round

    - A japanese inspired track, using lots of traditional instruments (Shamisen, Koto, Shakuhachi). Also done for Sushi Quest.
  4. Cactus Duet

    - An enigmatic and emotional guitar duet. Written for Moonphobia.
  5. Dark Beats (chiptune)

    - A chiptune track, done with a Gameboy chip emulator.
  6. Lacrima

    - A mix of industrial and darkwave, full of melancholy. Written for an band EP.
  7. Music Box

    - A calm piece, with multiple layered counterpoint melodies.
  8. Fugue

    - A choral fugue, written to showcase the range of genres I can compose.
  9. Lover's Dirge

    - A dramatic and romantic slow crescendo, written for a string quartet.
  10. Song of Serenity

    - A slow and calm love song, written for an unreleased game.
  11. Moonlight

    - Doomy heavy metal track. Slow tempo, atmospheric.
  12. Electronia

    - A synthwave inspired song.

I hope you enjoyed my songs. If you need something custom made, contact me for a quote.
I am able to compose in any genre you need, plus I can create dynamic music tracks.